Wednesday, December 6, 2017


You can get a library card to Craven Community College's Godwin Library.  Just register by visiting the library's webpage ( and clicking on"Get a Library Card." 
A card will be sent to you in the mail!
Open to the CCC community and the general public, the Godwin Library provides a rich on-site collection, as well as online resources. Getting a card will allow you to check out materials and give you access to full-text online article, video and ebook databases form your home! 

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  1. Backman is an interesting author. I read A Man Called Ove and loved it. I could see myself and my husband in the book. My Grandmother Told Me.....was difficult to get into to. I wanted to finish it for the book discussion. As I read further I could see all kinds of relationships between the mother and the grandmother, the mother and the daughter, the daughter and the grandmother, etc. I enjoyed it by the end. I will say I like A Man Called Ove better.