Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Book Club Meeting: Havelock Library
Wednesday, December 20th @ 10:30 am 

We all have an "Ove" in our life! 

Ove is 59 years old and he is grumpy. He is very particular in how things should be done, and extremely judgmental about how other people do them. Ove is the sort of person who regularly rants about how poorly things are done these days and how much better they used to be. Ove does not like change.

Ove's wife has died. He finds himself struggling with loneliness and grief and he is contemplating suicide when new neighbors move in.  That inauspicious beginning changes Ove's life.

 A Man Called Ove reads like a funny collection of stories about a curmudgeon. But as author Fredrik Backman shows more of Ove's life and tells more of his background and situation, it becomes something so much more, something satisfying and heart-breaking and deeply human.

Books are available at the Havelock Public Library.   The movie (in German with subtitles) may be checked out at the Craven Community College's Godwin Library in New Bern.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful book! Everyone has met someone like Ove. Grumpy but looking closer you find a great person who's hiding for various reasons